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Loughborough University
  • This module supports the 'PowerPoint for Presentations' training course, providing additional material for study.
  • This course contains 3 separate interactive learning resources in the areas of enterprise and entrepreneurship:

    • Entrepreneurship 1: Are you an entrepreneur?
    • Entrepreneurship 2: Opportunity recognition, creation and evaluation
    • Entrepreneurship 3: Resources (people, teams, finance)

    These learning resources can be studied as a set or as freestanding resources.

  • This section gathers together links to key information from around the
    University which is relevant to postgraduate research students. It also
    provides access to the postgraduate researcher discussion forums.
  • The aim of this workshop is to help all Postgraduate Research Students (PGRs) to understand the "Skills Training Requirement".

    The Skills Training Requirement is part of the postgraduate research experience for all such students in the UK.

  • Finding information is an essential part of your PhD and many electronic information  resources are available to assist with your research. These Learn pages complement the Library courses offered as part of the Postgraduate research students' training programme and will help you with specific elements of your research.

    Tracing research explains how to search databases successfully including tracing journal articles, conference papers, theses, patents and reports. You may find the InfoTrail interactive tutorial created for undergraduates a useful reminder too.

    Current awareness is about keeping up-to-date in your subject area

    Plagiarism & citation is about avoiding plagiarism and acknowledging other peoples ideas whilst RefWorks helps you to manage your references.

    The resources link to online database tutorials and external web pages. We also offer a number of other Training sessions including Know-How courses and Database of the Month training courses.