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Loughborough University
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School of Art and Design - Department InformationInformation
09ACUB14META - Fine ArtInformation
09NYC431 - Graphic Communication Contexts (1)Information
09NYC432 - Graphic Communication Contexts (2)Information
09SAA001 - Core Visual Studies for TextilesInformation
09SAA123 - Introduction and Development of Fine ArtInformation
09SAA124 - Critical Practice in Fine ArtInformation
09SAA201 - Introduction to TextilesInformation
09SAA203 - Textile Design:Innovation & ApplicationInformation
09SAA300 - Materials and ProcessingInformation
09SAA301 - Creativity and FunctionalityInformation
09SAA302 - Communicating ConceptsInformation
09SAA304 - Design: a Product of NegotiationInformation
09SAA401 - Life Drawing for Illustration 1Information
09SAA420 - Introduction to Graphic DesignInformation
09SAA421 - Developing Processes of Graphic DesignInformation
09SAA440 - Illustration as ReportageInformation
09SAA441 - Visual Communication in PracticeInformation
09SAA443 - Life Drawing for Illustration 2Information
09SAA500 - Research, Analysis and Study Skills in Art and DesignInformation
09SAA599 - Research, Analysis and Study Skills in Art and DesignInformation
09SAA611 - Visual Research for TextilesInformation
09SAA612 - Design Development for TextilesInformation
09SAA613 - Textiles: Process and ExplorationInformation
09SAA614 - Textiles: Exploration and ApplicationInformation
09SAA711 - Research, Analysis and Study Skills in Art & DesignInformation
09SAA712 - The Nature and Function of TextilesInformation
09SAA993 - Credit Transfer Module for ACUB17Information
09SAB114 - Fine Art Practice 1Information
09SAB115 - Fine Art Practice 2Information
09SAB221 - Introduction to Multi-Media TextilesInformation
09SAB224 - Multi-Media Textiles Consolidation (1)Information
09SAB241 - Practical Techniques in Printed TextilesInformation
09SAB242 - Printed Textiles Design Through DrawingInformation
09SAB244 - Printed Textiles - Self Directed Project (1)Information
09SAB246 - Advanced Textiles CADInformation
09SAB247 - Printed Textiles Design Development (2)Information
09SAB261 - Introduction to Woven TextilesInformation
09SAB264 - Woven Textiles Design and Development (1)Information
09SAB305 - Visual Design StrategiesInformation
09SAB306 - Atelier and FactoryInformation
09SAB307 - Histories and HorizonsInformation
09SAB308 - Research Strategies for Design and MakingInformation
09SAB309 - Creativity and MarketInformation
09SAB424 - Graphic Design for SocietyInformation
09SAB427 - Applied Graphic DesignInformation
09SAB444 - Developing Illustration and Animation Practice 1Information
09SAB446 - Life Drawing for IllustrationInformation
09SAB448 - Animation:Context,Theory and PracticeInformation
09SAB449 - Life Drawing for Illustration (4)Information